About project

Life Story is a place where we present the human being in its prenatal life, from the moment of conception to birth and through childhood, youth, adulthood until death.

The visitor entering the Life Story Center “goes back” in time to his fetal life. During visiting successive places he can observe his development week by week, he feels himself “wandering” on the human development. During the “journey” he observes situations that may arise during its growth and experiences the consequences of choices.

The message is personalized. We will recognize the visitor by the gender and age and simulate its appearance in the first 9 months through face recognition and face morphing. At the end of the first part of the exhibition (fetal life) we will show the act of birth.


The main goal is to educate in:

  • Human development (week by week): the organs, the senses from the moment of conception
  • All the situations that involve:
    • Pregnancy, e.g. problem with conception, childbirth school, the window of life, adoption, fear of birth)
    • Child development (eg. miscarriage, curable and incurable disease)

and to show the consequences of the decisions / choices, eg. alcohol, tobacco during pregnancy, contraception, abortion, etc.
We also want to show what the mother feels in terms of the pain, joy, laughter and what are the dad’s emotions. We want to show the impact of the family member for mom, dad, brothers and sisters and the society.

Other theme areas

First part of the Exhibition

  • Conception on different levels including genetics
  • Development of human organs week after week including the senses, nervous, circulatory, digestive and sexual systems
  • Development of Gemini and triplets
  • Issues related to conception, NaProTechnology, natural observations and in vitro
  • Issues with Miscarriage, abortion, contraception, lethal diseases, genetic defects
  • The support options for mothers: adoption, windows of life, homes for single mothers, nursing homes, support after the loss
  • Possible complications due to hormonal imbalance, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, tattoos
  • Influence of stress and mother excitement for child development

Second part of the Exhibition

  • Development of the newborn, infant and its early childhood
  • Early Youth, development of the sexuality and impact of the hormones
  • Youth, puberty, hormones, sexuality
  • Adulthood
  • Starting a family
  • Getting old
  • How to deal with diseases, including cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and how to prevent them
  • Natural and sudden death



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