The project idea was born during the brainstorming at Evangelium Vitae Foundation in Wroclaw.

Marta Dziuba

Graphic Designers, 3D, wife, mother, entrepreneur

Magdalena Krajewska

professional support, consulting, wife and mommy, educator, ,
family counselor, fertility care practitioner -Creighton Model System (NaproTechnology),
therapist NEST

Alicja Lindert-Zyznarska

Fundraising, coordinator, wife, mother

Agnieszka Chrobak

professional support, consulting, wife and mother, scientist

Piotr Krajewski

co-author, manager, husband, father, entrepreneur

Dominik Golema

co- author, husband and father

Lukasz Miroslaw

co-author, husband, father, scientist, entrepreneur

Marcin Wierzbicki

Senior Developer, Scrum Master

Tomek Mroczko

Designer / UI, husband, father
husband, father



Paweł Siciński

Marketing/PR/Social Media, husband, father

Lukasz Konarski

embedded systems, husband, father, entrepreneur

Piotr Zajac

Constructor, Photographer
husband, father

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